Parking in NYC

those are really good manhattan rates

This is why i got rid of my car asap its such a pain to find a solid place and its ridiculously expensive on top of that. Still incredibly inconvenient.

I get a rebate for part of the taxes because I have New York plates, plus I get the 8% off for having a Visa/MC on file and autopay.

edit: click this link for information on Manhattan resident tax exemption:

Only a jabroni brings a car to NYC

You have to ask yourself, how many times per month will you truly drive your car. If less than 5-6 times per month, probably cheaper to rent a car for the day when you need to leave the city.

I’m surprised NYC hasn’t adopted a congestion charge like they have in London.

Ha! I miss pier 40! All my classes are in Bed Stuy now…

One of the guys I used to work with, he had one just for weekend road trips to get out of the city. During the week he said he only drove it to move it from one side of the street to the other.