Parking in NYC

Anyone here rent a spot in Manhattan? Numbers are all over the place, looking for what it really cost monthly to park, specifically an exotic car (do all places charge extra for exotics?). Thanks in advance.

A friend pays $400/month in the building he lives in (UES), but his car gets dinged regularly. Not an exotic car though.

It depends on location. You can look at SpotHero to get a rough idea. The lowest end is $350 to $400 a month for normal cars, and this is around the east side, upper Manhattan or downtown like Chinatown. In Chelsea or SoHo, the minimum is $500 to $600 a month. For luxury or exotic cars, assume 50% to 100% higher costs compared to above. Also, virtually all parking lots have valet parking. So, you must be ok with the guy driving your car and you not having easy access to the vehicle other than when you take it out.

If having a car is a high priority, you should live in Long Island City or Jersey City, where parking spots are in the $250 to $300 range.

Years ago there was an item in Road & Track magazine about a lube company – JiffyLube, Econo Lube & Tune, one of those – in Manhattan.

One day one of the techs was draining the oil on a car and noticed that it was pristine: brand spankin’ new. As if it had been changed the previous day.

It turned out that some clever gentleman determined that the cost of an oil change was less than the daily cost of renting a parking space in Manhattan. So he would go to the lube shop, get to park his car there the entire day at a reduced rate, with the added bonuses that:

  • There were people there all day to ensure that his car wasn’t valdalized, stolen, or burgled, and
  • His car got an oil change


lol, that’s a good story. thanks for the info guys. Too damn high, sad!

nicely done

What kind of car?

Holy smokes, Batman!!! $600 per month for a parking spot?

Yeah NYC cars are a real pain to own/keep - hence no one has them

Classic example of: “If you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.”

I heard insurance is a lot higher as well… also there’s like no where to get gas, it’s crazy.

I’m going to go ahead and set the line at 6 months for the over/under for how long hpracing lasts in NYC.

My building’s rate is $600 a month. Sadly, I am entertaining the idea of paying this.

What car do you have?

I pay $370/mo to park at Pier 40. I get the added benefits of below market parking rates, being able to park on my own and not rely on a valet (and not have to tip them at Christmas time) and stalking krnyc while she does trapeze.

Wait how does this Pier 40 thing work?

Rather not say, it’s a sports car.

Sadly, you’re right. Just doesn’t make sense.

Too bad there are no referal bonuses :confused:

Thanks, it is a bit of a walk from where I live, but those rates seem pretty competitive.

Edit: So I notice that they charge the city tax on top of that. Do you end up paying that, or do you get a rebate?