Part 1 - Results

double post*

@kudzmuch, what was the official date of the results then??

same here, whats taking them so long atleast should announce passing rate

2nd Jan is offical result date

Guys, in the morning (approximately at 11:26 a.m. Peruvian Time – GMT-5:00) I saw my results (part 1). I was refreshing the web like crazy and for a couple of minutes my results appeared (I passed! :D). However, minutes later I couldn’t see them anymore (still can’t). I ask them about it on Facebook but they haven’t responded yet.

Are you sure, so far nobody see the result in our group? looked like we must wait for 3 days for the result…

I guess it all depends on their progress. I remember results for the 17 May 2014 exam were expected no later than 7 July 2014 and were released on 23 June 2014. So in this case the results will be out no later than 2 January 2015, which is the time between now and 2 January 2015!!!

if today is a workingday…you all can get your results today also…

Looks like this time we have to wait till 2nd jan

Man…its 2 already n no signs of results so far…its too frustrating :frowning:

wait for US to open my friend its atleast 10 to 12 hrs from now

same here


this is so depressing im waiting so desperately. Does anybody ???

USA is abt to open in 3 hrs

Man…This wait is killing me

today is so freaking long. if they release the results in the afternoon EST, that would be like another 8 hours

results out… passed part I… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

congrats!! and I passed too! :wink: :wink:

congrats. :slight_smile: did you receive the results in your mailbox??? I haven’t received mine. getting worried now.

No, not yet…Check this link