Part 1 - Results

Am I only the only desprately waiting for result ? I think results will be out by tonight :stuck_out_tongue: or i wish so

when you receive, please post it here. I also hope it should come tonight.

the results will be declared only on 2nd… so, we have to wait for 3 more days…

At least, but historically results r announced 2 to3 days early.

oh, I never knew that… I am getting even more anxious now!!

results will be out by 2 January 2015, meaning that any time is tea time!!!

if announced how will they be announced? via email or online? I remember reading somewhere that past test takers managed to get the result by trying registering for FRM Part II and seeing if it’s possible

results will be sent to the email address you use for your GARP correspondence, you can also view your results by logging onto the GARP website.

I mean if the results are out early? I think the email will only be sent on Jan 2. If results are out earlier, how did past test takers get to know the results early?

keep checking the GARP website and blogs where those who would have seen the results will likely post that they are out. You can also keep checking by logging on using this link:

Sooo good chance we might get result today :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloody hell, the anxiety is killing me.

Looks like its nt gonna happen today :frowning:

How do you know? Is there a specific time of the day when they send the results?

They can send anytime. Was checking my previous results, they hit my email @ 11.33 PM (Zimbabwe time) on 30 Dec 2013!!!

What was official date of result ?

I just texted GARPFRM page on facebook

2nd January it is

:frowning: They told you specifically 2nd jan or generic answer?

Will the group be updated when results are announced ? ![]( gda =1429082118_337811a6f24691930073f1f17238a33b) Yes. Exam results will be released on January 2 and will be sent via email. Best Regards, GARP FRM

I am still expecting the results any time… in fact, I am refreshing the results page on the GARP website like a scorecard!! :stuck_out_tongue: