part 2 how was it

I have a mixed feeling - hard to say. Time wasn’t a contraint in the part though

How was the paper… Nobody seems ever confident after Part II

I think there were much more theoretical questions than I expected. Overall, the quality of questions were great. As rightly said by ABAL, no one is ever confident after giving FRM exam! Time was not a constraint for me as well, but there were so many questions where I had a doubt between two choices, especially in theoretical ones. I think most of the students must have faced this problem. Now, I just hope that the deserving ones goes through to attain the prestigious charter designation!

I agree - it turned out to be more theory thn I expected. I was such an idiot trying to memorise mertons formulas and all those quant things that weren’t asked on the exam.

Oh well, will find out soon enough

For anybody sitting Part II in the future, I’d highly highly recommend focussing on the qualitative part.

STOP memorising formulas. If the formula is too hard to memorise, chances are it won’t be on the exam.

I think that I messed up with the Credit Risk part the most. I am quite confident for the rest of the parts. Having seen the results in the past, I think the cutoff should be somehwhere in the range 50%-60%. Since there is no sectional cutoff thing as such so what matters is only the overall score.

while it is good to ponder, don’t stress oneself too much. I can say this because I have been in this boat last year. But do not be too optimistic either in terms of cut off. MPS in FRM has ever been 50% i doubt. It may be 55% - 58%, but 50% is not something i would bank upon, if that is your comforting factor. It is equally true, now that the pattern is emerging, Part II is al about concept and application scenario. Infact, kudos to GARP for that approach. All quant heaviness in Part I and all quali app. In Part II. GARP does not prohibit from discussing specific topic areas or questions, so feel free to discuss as many and as much as you want, but i would sincerely say, f**k it now. No point mulling over. Just let go. Smile bright:)

I felt as if not sitting for the right exam. Practice exams are not an indicator of whats on the real test, though I think that is not the case for Part I.

It is painful to see so much hard work go down the drain.

Is there anywhere poeple sharing/ discussing the questions over the real exam, past exams to get a true picture for future. That is recreation of the exam papers or anything alike

please help

Sure, I understand your point. I was equally frustrated last yr. after coming out of the exam hall.Schwesers mocks are no where near the actual exam in FRM. BT is supposedly slight better, that’s what I am given to understand, though I never used them. You may visit BT forum for the heavy load of discussion on exam questions.

you said you studied from Schweser right? If so then I don’t think your comments are fair - everything on the exam was from Schweser. Now obviously you can’t expect them to tell you exactly what’s going tob e on teh exam but if they teach us to calculate 3 x4 then it’s fairplay for someone to question 12 is the product of 4 with something - what is something. Or with a plot - they’ve explained all the concepts that were tested in detail.

I studied only for a few days, so if I fail it’ll be purely because of that - I remember looking at some questions and thinking dammn I know whcih page this is on in the book and I cannot recollect it (probably because my head’s filled up with upcoming cfa exam) but still.

Hopefully you’ll pass but if you don’t then I really don’t think the blame lies in SChweser’s court. I know that if I fail I won’t be able to complain either - but it’s better to be truthful to yourself.


@shootforthestars! First of all, you surely have some guts to take both FRM and CFA simultaneously. Though I a little baffled at this…quiet frankly what’s the hurry? But outgunning both at the same time to me is a lil bit tomfoolery(no offense!). Anyway, it is nice to see someone actually praises Schwesers for their qs. For Part II. I could not disagree more.

FRM was mandated by senior management after I had already registered for CFA L2. And yes I was being gutsy, I don’t listen to the nay sayers. Pass or fail - it’s all on me :slight_smile:

As for Schweser,. I’m just saying what I believe in - there was absolutely nothing on the exam which wasn’t covered in Schweser books or it’s mock tests. Like I said, hopefully I pass, but if I don’t, it’ll be because I didn’t put in enough time.


Oops, did I blame Schweser. No offence to them. I still feel they are the best providers. BT gives notes and videos selectively and is quite slow in updating things, making me quite uncomfortable about the whole preparation. Schweser is very consistent. The only drawback being the level of practice they give, their questions are very direct.

If at all I blame, I blame GARP for the huge difference in level of Practice Exams and the real test.

My prime concern as I mentioned in the previous post is to find out what to do RIGHT the next time around.

I’d love to see some actual full question paper by GARP so I was wondering if someone somewhere would have bothered to recreate it.

I completely agree with you here - GARP does an extremely poor job in preparing mock exams. I couldn’t agree more. CFA does a fantastic job in preparing candidates and their actual exam (atleast level 1) was very much comparable to questions I had done before, probably even easier.

That’s life unfortunately :slight_smile: Sometimes you have to draw upon your knowledge of other topics, twist and modify concepts and apply in places you hadn’t applied before. If you go on to work in the investment business, you’ll face this everyday.

PS: I’m not confident about my chances either but lets deal with the results on 23 june. You’ve got L3, I’ve got L2 to focus on. Good luck!

true that :slight_smile: