Part pencil & part pen?

Can I use both pen & pencil in the paper? As in not in a single question sub-part, but can I answer one sub-part with pen and another with pencil? Is this allowed, technically?

From what I’ve heard on AF you’re good to answer in pencil despite cfai warnings. Maybe someone should confirm though. Not really sure on the dual strategy but if you’re allowed to use pencil not sure why the dual strategy wouldn’t be allowed.

Why would you want to do that?

I’d want to write questions which are I’m sure of with pen so that it feels more comfortable, and using pencil for those I’m not sure about

Going with the same tactic. Especially for the “determine” questions where you have the circle the right answer and explain. Useful to be able to erase those if wrong due to limited space.

Or you can use an erasable pen

I picked one up by recommendation, the Pilot one but after like 2-3 mocks it already ran out of ink! Pretty expensive too, I prefer a decent pen like for example a Parker Jotter.