Part Qualification


I passed levels I and II first attempt but have failed level III four times with performance dropping from rank 9 to shockingly 3 in last attempt. I always read schweser twice, get a good understanding, and practice a little. On one attempt I reconciled performance assessment first session answer it was correct and failed that question. I don’t feel like attempting again. Is there a qualification in any financial center where credit can be taken for levels I and II without taking anymore exams. Like IMC by CFA UK Society but exemptions are complicated and there has to be taken an exam. Otherwise levels I and II hard work will be wasted. It involved a lot of reading reading thick volumes and practicing.

You scared me. I think you need the right environment, networks and people.

You are too invested. I would continue and try to pass the 3rd level.

As above, you’ve already put in so much time and effort, why quit now this close to the line? If you do attempt again maybe consider dropping Schweser and going to the CFAI curriculum instead, as well as doing a lot of practice rather than just a little.

you should check this list

have you tried using a tutor ?