Part time jobs

  1. Yeah

a friend told me to find part time job because it helps to keep busy while studying for getting into masters programs and this and that so which one should I go for ?

  1. One job which involves supervising fried chicken and Burgers in a shop co owned by one friend and a brother of darker skin
  2. Mechanical Engineering job (pay good) involvement is changing tires and body jobs but experiences is not transferred ( no people skills)
  3. desk manager at a hot yoga place owned by a rather plump( seXy) women
  4. helper at cost co

tthey all pay 12 dollars except the mechanical Engineering which pays 17.

Can give more details upon request

Choose a merging of the two jobs: Yoga Engineer. You go into class and fix poses on hot girls in tight pants.

I love getting close and personal but my guru hot yoga master got sued for seX harrasment and this isn’t my style. But good idea my Jesus friend

This is so sexist. Chicks always touch my ass to stretch further in Yoga. Why can they and not us?

Because you’re white. With me there’s prejudice.

Ok, I’m ready to institute martial law.

^ +1.

This is one of those threads that just needs to die. Sweep? Amirite6?

Yoga receptionist dude. Will be more fun meeting people…

why ?