Part time MBA

I’ve been reading through the multitude of posts on PT vs FT. Given the fact that the economy sucks and the job market in finance is nonexistent (though hopefully will get better by 2010), I’m starting to think PT might be a viable option. I have a job that I enjoy with great benefits and good pay, and it just seems crazy to leave that behind given the uncertainty facing us in the economy and job market. Is anyone else thinking along these lines? Am I a wimp for valuing job security right now?

I chose Part-time MBA too. In my opinion it’s more practical.

i chose NOT to go to part time MBA.

I’m just wondering if sacrificing the networking/career services of FT is worth it given the crappy economy. I’d just hate to quit my job, rack up tons of debt, and potentially be no better off for it. That’s why part time seems especially attractive right now. CSK, are you in school right now?

I am not sure if it matters between part time and full time. They are the same classes.

I’ve been told that full time MBA programs have more cohesion among students than part time programs. Since I’m jobless right now, I leaning on full time unless something changes.

For networking I think the full timers have a huge advantage, many go through as a cohort until specialization, allowing time to make good connections. PT programs are a bit different, you can still network well but its not the same day in day out, and the coursework is choppier(people take a semester off, different class loads, etc) makes it not as cohesive. PTers might get some assistance thru work, and saving some cash on tuition is always nice

I know that FT > PT for networking, career services, etc. - that’s been discussed ad nauseam on this forum. I’m just wondering if the current economic environment changes the calculus any.

depends if you need to work then in my opinion. I like having income, cant imagine taking a couple years off to go to school. Of course it could pay off afterwards, but PT is flexible vs. FT. If you have the cash or dont care about the couple years of no income then I would go FT for sure…I dont think the current econ conditions matter. Maybe if you are an ibanker and know you arent gonna get a decent job for awhile then I’d opt for FT over PT…

I think that when thinking about the FT / PT MBA the following issues have to be considered. Firstly the ability to dedicate the time and energy entirely to study, I have a few friends that have been dragging a part time MBA for the last 4 years and in one case longer. If your job has some crazy hours it takes a level of dedication that some people just can’t muster to get the program completed in minimum time. Personally this was the main deciding factor when I decided to go FT. As for the economic environment shaping the decision between FT and PT is would boil down to what your outlook is on the time to recovery. Even if you decide to go FT now you have a year to get GMAT and applications complete and another year or two to complete the degree. Are you thinking that there will be a significant difference in employment opportunities between 3 and 5 years from now? Summary - Are you dedicated enough to run PT in minimum time? - Do you think there will be a difference between 3 and 5 years from now?

Thanks for the comments. Part of why I’m leaning toward part time (in addition to the craptastic economy) is that my hours are not bad at all, i have a ton of vacation time to fall back on if need be, plus the gf’s in med school now anyway so not much additional sacrifice there. My employer pays ~8k/annum but there are no strings.