Part-time work experience

I am a level III CFA candidate and waiting for my exam results to come out on August 11th - and yes I know, it’s kind of late to take a closer look at the work experience requirements for CFAI membership now and realize that part-time work is not accepted at all.

I’ve been working part-time as a financial analyst for an asset management firm for seven years and the work itself is highly relevant to what CFAI describes as qualifying work experience. But it’s all been part-time, 70% on average if you take 40 hours week as full time. If you consider that all of that is investment related, it surely meets the CFAI requirement of minimum 50% of a full-time occupation, on an hour equivalent basis. What particularly upsets me is that with no part-time work experience accepted *at all*, I have practically no chance of getting the charter. I have kids and was not planning to upgrade “officially” to full time any time soon.

Any thoughts on how I should go about this? Talk to CFAI? How do they check if your work experience is full or part time when reviewing membership applications? Anyone with similar experience out there?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

I emailed the CFA Institute asking them to define “full time” and they wrote back saying more than 30 hours/week.

I would contact CFA institute and explain your situation. I would be surprised if they wouldn’t accept it as qualifying in some way, e.g. perhaps 2 years part-time work qualifies as equivalent to 1 year full time. It would surely be discriminatory to not accept it at all.

Hey, I’m in the same situation. Did you hear back from the institute? I emailed them asking what 'full time’means but they just posted the guidelines from the website as a response.


The folk hanging around the Water Cooler are a hidden (but valuable) resource for dishing out sound advise for aspiring Charterholders.


I use the link below to verify my experience ,it will help.

I…don’t see a link. In any case I DMed CFAI and got back boilerplate about how you have to have been employed as a full time employee which means at least 40 hrs/week. Curious how co ops and internships come into play here (the latter is explicitly denied, I know). Interesting if 4 years ago (when OP first posted) there was a cutoff at 30 hrs/week.

Great link, tanks