part-time work experience

If I had a full-time non-finance related work, but had a sole proprietorship in financial planning as part time for 8 years, if I worked about 4 hour/day, does it qualify for 4-year experience?

No it does not. It has to be full time

If you’ve already taken Level 3, I would say that question would have been more applicable back when, say, registering for the first exam…

Sundevl21, I did not get what you meant. Thanks!

I understand many people use the CFA designation to break into the industry, but if I were serious about adding those 3 letters and had already been employed for 10+ years I don’t think I would have paid thousands of dollars and spent hundreds of hours studying for 3 tests before finding out if my experience counted or not. Would have seemed more relevant to ask pre-Level 1, not post-Level 3.

Are you suggesting that the work experience requirement isn’t a colossal piece of bull, surpassed only by the GIPS LOS? How many people here honestly have 4 years of actual proper work experience that isn’t shi77y nothing jobs for financial institutions? I expect the CFA is falling over IT and Nostro recs experience. > financial planning (sole proprietorship) 8 years. Done.

It would be helpful to know whether anyone has got any part-time related experience approved. Thanks!

The CFA website says this: “Summer, part-time, and internship positions do not qualify.”

what is part-time job really meaning? does it include your own side business in addition to full time non-finance job? It is hard to say how many hours you put into your own business…

By fair definition, any job that you do outside of your full time job is a part time job. However, if CFAI doesn’t define “part time”, you should probably just try to BS about your part time job so it seems full time.

Can people have two full time job? In total 16 hours for two full time job, still less than 1 full- time Investment Banking job? :slight_smile: