Partial credit for calculation questions

For the calculation questions in the AM exam, do you think partial credit would be given for getting most of the inputs/method right but the wrong result? For example, if there are five inputs used for the calculation but one of those inputs wasn’t applied correctly – making the overall result incorrect – would partial credit still be given ? Or would the score on the question be zero because the overall answer was not correct?

Partial credit will be given.

That’s what I was thinking/hoping. I remember making a mistake in one of the calculation questions but decided to move on given time constraints (and assuming I may lose a few points there but gain them back elsewhere). The crossing out required would have also made a mess of that answer.

They explained this in a video: If you write the formula before AND use wrong inputs to calculate you get partial points. Without writing the formula - no partial points. They seem to be very strict on this, which explains why the low yielding topics are defacto close to zero…

As my instructor Marc told us, you will get partial credit. Toy should definitely try to show your work so they see on paper your process.

are we expected to define the terms in formula too? for example A = bx+c

should we explain what A is and what bx is and so on?

I just wrote formula in all the places and went on with answers…