Partial Grading


I know that this issue has been discussed but i couldn’t find good answer. Please if you have a link to point me out that will be very helpful (this is not working,996488,page=1 ) if not here is my question

In essay, say there is

Question 1 (35 points)

Out of which part A is 6 points

In part A they ask you to give 2 reasons for each biases. eg

Give me 2 reasons why Mr Green has these biases




Do you get 1 point for each reason? So if you gave two correct answers for Regret, One correct and one wrong for Overconfidence and 2 wrong answers for Anchoring, will you get 3 points?

Thank you so much


I hope so, though doesn’t say that explicitly. But if they are willing to do the following, they should be willing to give partial credits as you describe.

“Note that you can still answer part E, even if you do not know the answer to part D.”