"Parts" of the travel ban reinstated

Since My Visa application (January) I have been in a FuckinG limbo state to see how it will turn out, opening envelopes with anxiety and thinking it will be this week that the rejection letter will arrive. But I also tell myself if I can survive another 7,8 months and remain in limbo then I can get a G.C because my family will be citizens by then. Guys appreciate what you have right now since there are people like me who don’t even know how their next week is gonna turn out to be. What hits me the hardest is I’m not a muslim and am actually paying decent tuition and I am a good student here. Anyway just wanted to share the current mood.

So are you cancer free now?

Yes.Cancer free. Luckily it was a very slow growth tumor.

Somehow, I doubt that the State Department will be able to turn this around in 7-8 months. They probably don’t even know what their policy is going to be with regard to your situation. I hope you will be able to successfully wait out the decision.

Like I said man, come over to sanctuary city LA. Dude who washed my car last week and the girl who served me a beer afterward have both lived here illegally their whole life.

I live in MD in a very sanctuary county.I don’t give two Shits about living in the U.S , what I care about is finishing my education.

Didn’t know it was so hard to get a student Visa. Wish you luck though.

It is if you’re Iranian.

Iranian chicks are hot. We should import some more of them.

on this we can whole heartedly agree.

SCB - i wish you luck. just remember, wherever you go, there you are.

So you are Iranian but not Muslim ? Interesting. Zoroastran ?

I just don’t believe in Islam. I’m agnostic by faith but born to muslim parents.

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