Pass AM and PM separately?

Can you compensate in the PM for a not so stellar performance in the AM or do you have to rock them individually? What do people think? Of course, I would like > 70 on every section both sessions!!

Sure that is how a lot of people pass.

of course my good man Sniper! to an extent

Thanks guys!! That’s good to hear. Also, do you get your result broken down by AM and PM session and by subject area or is it all lumped by subject area as at L1 and L2? Apologies for asking very basic questions but I guess I have been focusing too much on knowing the curriculum

It get’s broken down by both.

Good news is when you read the word PASS you probably wont even bother looking at the breakdown :wink:

The AM/PM score split for most people is probably like 60/80 (based on my observations. anyway).

Again, GIPS doesn’t apply to the exam itself…just “attack” every question in front of you, AM or PM. :slight_smile:

you can get below 70 for AM, and crush the PM to pass… or vice versa.

I wonder if they keep the essays so they have a way of keeping the pass rate low. Looking at 2010 results many candidates scores in the PM were above 70. Its hard to justify failing someone when the entire test is item set and people are scoring in the 70s and 50-70s.

I wonder why they changed the level 3 exam from 100% essay to 50/50 essay/item set.

This is a good place to see what the passing and not passing stats are.,1049159

^ neat post!

I rather have 100% essay.