Pass CFA L3..your experience after

For those who have passed L3, can you share what sort of experiences you’ve had work wise.

… Walked into the office and got a big payrise

… Promotion given to you or you’ve had to fight for it

… Changed job and got something much better

… Nobody raised an eyelid

In one way or another we all do these exams to open doors but I don’t think there’s going to be a magic switch so just want to know what job hunting is like when you pass the exams

This - more or less. My bosses boss said congrats and then we went to a lunch and he expensed it but it was like $15 per person. That was my passing bonus. Though the company did pay for the exam and give me extra time off for study so I wasn’t completely on my own.

^ Same for me but without the lunch. Only a pat on the back. It is more like a minimum standard in my department.

I did however get the interview at least partially based on L2.

It wasn’t immediately after I found out that I passed, but during annual review last month (4 months after the results came out) I got a 25% raise in base pay (came with every passed level) and I got promoted. My March bonus will be significantly higher than last year as well. Then again, I’m only the second charterholder in the firm… the other is one of the managing partners.


My boss told me beforehand that I was getting a raise and if I passed it would be larger but he wasn’t sure how much. Once I passed he gave me a $20k raise, vs. if I hadn’t he said he would have given me $10k. Company paid for the exam and Schweser materials…

I’m hoping to get another bump this year when I actually get the charter, but we’ll see.

Got an ideal job partially based on passing the CFA. 20k base pay raise not including bonus.

Base bump of 17% and overall comp bump of 13%. This was part of an annual review where I expected a raise anyway so I’m not real sure how much was attributed to me getting the credentials. To be honest, I expected more but the market wasn’t real nice this year so I’m happy with it.

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Prior employer could care less but my peers and immediate boss were definitely impressed.

I work a retail sales job at a bank. 95% of them have never heard of it and one guy in my branch has failed L1 six times. My boss said good job when I passed. I am slowly dying inside while looking for other opportunities

got a handshake from the boss after passing L3…and they paid for it.

have had raises along the way but would say not directly relevant to my passing…just the general knowledge gained along the way

Unemployed since aug 2014 when I became a charterholder :frowning: never knew this could happen. But the blame is on restrictions on expats employment and slowing economies in Gulf countries

Got interview partially on being L3 candidate back in 2014. Got promotion this year quicker than others partly due to CFA charterholder status…but mostly for other things. When I passed, some of us went out after work to celebrate me…pat on the back. Mainly, I’m young compared with the people I deal with, so I use it to have some upfront credibility before people assume I’m some clueless youngcock.

CFA was one of the main reasons I got my current corporate fnance job. My manager is a charterholder and I got the feeling I would have had to REALLY screw up the interview process to not get the job. Also got the exact salary I was asking for which was a pretty large inrease from previous my job (+25%). Makes me wonder if I should have asked for more…