pass fail key phrase

Eagle has landed Eagle has drop dead what’s yours?

It’s probably not that phrase anyway. If I start to talk about having scored in Band so-and-so, that means I’ve failed again. Last year I scored in Band 7 (which means 70% of failing candidates scored even worse).

hey wawa, what were you scoring on mocks last year going into the exam?

I don’t remember but what I do remember is that I scored sligthly below (a couple of percentage points) the averge mock exam taker according to the Schweser performance tracker.

The performance tracker is a sort of histogram that will show you your score compared to everyone else who has taken the same mock (not counting random replies below 36%).

E.g if you score 67% on a mock where the average of avid test takers only score 63%, that’s good. If you score 67% on a mock exam where the averge is 77%, that’s really bad.

wawa, what were you sectional cut offs last year ?!

Band 10 would be major “fml” moment. A god among insects. “Congratulations, you were the top scoring candidate… among candidates who failed.”