Ok, I would like to ask everybody to write down if they think they have passed or failed. Even if you really aren’t sure at all, just go with one side. Then when we get our results in August, we can compare. I’ll start… FAIL

Fail… I’m sure.

screaming fail


jesus christ …such a negative thread …

All hedgers in here…

…prepare for the worst, hope for the best??

Yes, sir.

There’s already a thread for this.

Come on Aimee, You can never have too many “^@#!!! #^^!!! #%!!! I Failed Posts”

akanska Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > …prepare for the worst, hope for the best?? no, more like embracing the truth now. really, now i don’t quite recall many of the questions i came away with after the exam. but immediately after it, i went over them in my head, looked for the answers in the book when i got home, and realized that i either took the wrong year (looked at the wrong column), or didn’t take an extra step to get to the right answer. i rushed so much and didn’t take my time. i don’t even know why… please don’t get me wrong, but i didn’t find the afternoon session quite hard. it just seemed hard because it took longer to find the reference numbers (e.g., calculating P/E from inflation pass-through - - although that one i got correct), or what not… but all in all i thought the questions were straightforward. i rushed then second guessed myself a lot in the end. it’s bad tactics… in L1 i learned to rush because there were more ?s to cover compared to L2. i don’t know… i do feel terrible, but i did learn a lot or refreshed quite a lot of what i learned in grad school, so i’m happy about that. work keeps me busy. hopefully over the coming days i’d learn not to dwell so much and just look forward to next year.

is there? I’m just lost in the sheer number of threads here since Saturday, sorry if I repeated someone elses thread…

If i am sure i will fail…I wont even be logging onto Analyst Forum

Exactly, GetSetGo!


I feel like I’m the only one here who feels better about my chances now that I’ve gone through all the discussions than before. Its helped me realize that I was so down on myself b/c the ugly was REALLY UGLY, but now I’m pretty sure there was enough good to make up for it.