Pass on First Attempts: How to Put on Resume?

Hey - I spoke to a C-suite level professional who told me that I should emphasize the fact I passed all three levels on my first attempts on my resume. Is there any specific way to go about doing this besides putting that on the CFA Institute education section? Would like to not be in any ethics violations while also separating marginally separating myself from the competition.

Please let me have your name. You are desperately asking for trouble. Your Boss is just aiding in that. If he is Charterholder he is also likely violated. Trust me, if you give an iota of evidence of the ‘emphasis’ part other than a plain mention of “passed all three levels at first attempt”, you are in potential violation

That is the question I am posing lol. What is the correct way to state I passed all three levels on first attempts. I currently do not have any mention of this, so I am trying to ascertain the correct way to state this.

See Example 1 (Passing Exams in Consecutive Years)

Perfect - exactly what I was looking for. Hit every link but that one on the website lol

i noticed that there is this statement:

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but this excerpt from the code of professional conduct seem to suggest that CFA charterholders need to use their real name when posting online. This could also include online forums, such as this one. Thoughts?