Pass only using Stalla or Schweser

Just wondering how many people passed only using Stalla or Schweser. I only used Stalla and passed.

stalla only

Schweser prep material and a 3 day Schweser run class (which if you are an auditory learner like me, was pretty useless)

i don’t understand though… you guys didn’t crack the spine of CFAI. i find that hard to believe… absolutely would believe in the old world where books are ordered separately.

schweser only

I used Schweser almost exclusively - read some of the CFAI here and there. After killing L1 reading CFAI and just barely squeaking by L2 using mainly Schweser, I am committed to reading all CFAI for L3 and filling in with Schweser. Too close for comfort for me. And, Schweser language versus CFAI language lost me a few points on the exam.

Passed using only Schweser.

For level I I only used Stalla and passed so I tried that aproach with level II as well. Morning section I felt great. On the afternoon I thought I got destroyed, and was regretting using only stalla. For Level III I will get Stalla again but this time Im going to use the CFAI matterial as well. I must say Peter Olinto (sp) does a great job teaching the material. Does anyone know if he does the level III lectures as well (I would assume so). MZ

Peter Olinto only teaches 1 and 2 but Stalla is pretty good on Level 3 as well. I used Stalla for all three levels and was very happy with them!

12/07 - LI - Pass 6/08 - LII - Pass Both Times: Ethics - CFAI Only Everything Else - Schweser Only

Schweser Only + CFAI exams

At the last L2 class in NY, Peter actually hinted that as of May 2008 he is penciled in to teach L3 on weekends in NY. Hopefully that doesn’t change between now and end of Jan.

Schweser Only + CFAI Exams, like garch. I kept the CFAI texts at work to skim through when I had a few minutes (really they were just for decoration). I think with a year for L3, I’m going to do a pass through the texts as well but I owe at least a year of my life to Schweser.

Same as Bankin’

Schweser only, but I’ll definitely do CFA materials for level 3, had a little scare.

matthieu - exactly what I was saying…

Level 1 - Tried to do both CFAI and Schweser books/class. Passed but ended up pressed for time, used only Schweser in the last 2 months. Level 2 - Used CFAI ONLY for ethics, never opened the book for anything else except a couple of quant LOSs. Other than that used only Schweser books/discs/class. Passed and results were better.

Stalla: CD-rom video lectures, notes, and PassMaster (not sure name of package) Schweser: 3-day intensive review seminar (live, in ATL) and Secret Sauce. Figured diversification couldn’t be a bad strategy and it worked for me. CFAI texts were only used as an additional reference for temporal/all-current when I got stuck. They do look impressive on my bookshelf at the office though.

I plan on mainly using CFAI for L3 though.

I used Schweser only for L1 and L2 and passed both on 1st attempt. I really think the key is you have to know EVERYTHING, as obvious as that might sound. Taking detailed notes the first time though the reading and then making note cards towards the end was really helpful, as were the schweser pratice exams (which are harder than the real thing, especially as you get to the 2nd book).