Pass or Fail?

Looking for some guidance. What probability would you pin on me given the five most recent tests I’ve taken in the last few days? In order from a few days ago through today: Schweser Book 6, 2 AM: 58% Schweser Book 6, 2 PM: 68% Schweser Book 7, 1 PM: 73% CFAI 2005 AM: 57% Schweser Book 7, 2 PM: 71% Thanks in advance.

78.34980192738292015 %

Not sure if I should be happy or sad with that figure. My problem is obviously the AM vs. PM. Someone posted a thread a few days back with everyone’s scores from last year and whether they passed or failed. One dude had 8 sections out of 10 that were sub-50% and he managed to pass because all of his PM sections were >70%. I was amazed by that. Any other takers on this?

yes. don’t fail the PM! i think most people suck in the AM section, so you could add value by trying to suck less. not really much else to say. do your best.

whats ur 1 AM 1 PM scores? (

Turkish The 1 AM/1 PM were 51 and 55 but I took those a month ago so I’m throwing them out. I just put the most recent 5 tests on there because those are indicative of what I know now.

Anyone else want to give me a confidence booster/breaker?

Pass. Not with flying colors or anything, but pass nonetheless. Those are very close to my scores and I’m reasonably confident. Study hard but also Chillax. This forum is not a good normally distubuted!!!

CFA Halifax-- Thanks for the booster. I honestly think that if you ever crack a 70 on a Schweser PM with a consistent mid-50s on the AMs, you’ll have it. These dudes that are worrying with 80+ scores (even if only once) need to take a calm cool walk around the block. Analyst forum is the worst thing that ever happened to me. Now let’s see how I do on the samples and '06-'07. To give yourself a breather, go dig up the thread from last year in which all of the guys are posting their output upon release of the scores. I’m telling you, the one guy had 8 out of 10 sub-50% in AM and passed. In the thread, he says something like “this has got to be the lowest passing score.” Some of the others were real stinkers too. Even I can swing that and with a big round zero on the return calculations. -Lurker

I hear ya FL. I just got school with a 62 on Book 7 Exam 2 PM. It’s cool though…I really thought it was easy and prob made a few bonehead errors etc. I’ve found in talking with candidates at the exam etc. that most aren’t half as prepared (or knowledgeable about idiosyncracies as some folks on here) so I’m hoping if I can come up half ways, I’ll be fine. Cheers

You’re right. If you flirt with a 70 on a PM at least once that probably means you’re pretty good. The only concern is the zero-out-of-eighteen nightmare that I could see unfolding for me. I asked the board a few days ago about any obsolete questions on the '05-'07 set and I had a weak response. I gave myself 1 out of 18 on an '05 question and I still haven’t gotten a good answer as to whether it is obsolete. I just wonder if a 55 or 60 on the AM won’t go unpunished if it is comprised of a generalized 70 with a complete doughnut on one item set. That’s why I’m studying so hard. I took the first free sample this afternoon. I believe AF refers to this as “Sample 1” out of 3 samples. This is a 30 question test with some real blazers from Ethics. I got a 73 on this, which is on par with my recent PM results, but found it significantly easier than Schweser. Calculating Sharpes? C’mon…

My worst nightmare was today, being down 3/10 after 2 questions in the sample exam.

CSK, You’ve got this wrapped up. Stop worrying and go grab some air for an hour or two. You’re obviously in the L3 cult, so tell me, whatdya think of my chances given my scores posted? Are Halifax and I okay? I’m so weak at the AM. -Lurker

you guys are good. You also significantly overestimate my abilities. Check last year scores, you will see for yourself.

How about now? Am I gonna get by this freakin’ thing? These are the first 5 that I posted above, plus the most recent three. As is apparent, the AM is the fright factor for me. I think I’m stuck in permanent mid-50s limbo on this portion. Schweser Book 6, 2 AM: 58% Schweser Book 6, 2 PM: 68% Schweser Book 7, 1 PM: 73% CFAI 2005 AM: 57% Schweser Book 7, 2 PM: 71% CFAI Free Sample: 73% Schweser Book 7, 3 PM: 76% CFAI 2007 AM: 56%

100% fail. I wouldn’t even show up. just kidding. you’ll do fine. just make sure you know how to derive the macro equation.

JW, Wouldn’t you be flipping over the inability to ever crack 60? And the macro equation? I have no idea what you’re referring to. Please tell me its the attribution calc. I just don’t want to be doing this next year and I can’t believe that I’ve put in twice the amount of time for L2 and I’m still putting up with this.

sorry. it’s kind of a joke. it was on one of the previous tests and some guy on here (maybe CSK) was explaining it and my ears started to smoke. I figured I’d just forget about it. I start flipping when I start to crack 65 - so you. Flip away.

I just can’t imagine how some other guy could show up and get a 40 or something on the AM. You have to think the typical dude sitting at his dining room table and getting a 40 doesn’t even show up on Saturday. That leaves only people that can get to the mid-50s who want to take a flyer. I think my mid-50s could be achieved with 50 hours of studying or 400 hours of studying. No difference. As far as I’m concerned, that puts me right in the thick of it with those who slacked off. Frustrating. I’ll take what you guys are saying, but I think you’re wrong. I probably have a 3-in-4 shot at passing, and that’s only if I can stay above 70 on PM. You say “above average” when its “below average” and you’ll be looking down the barrel of another screwed spring in '09.

I got a 78% on Sample 2 last night. Is that good? Tonight is Sample 3. Tomorrow is Mock.