Pass rate 49%

Wow, I did not expect it to be that low… June 2009 Level I: 46% Level II: 41% Level III: 49%

I know, level 2 was the biggest surprise

Can’t get in. Arrrgggghhh

I passed… Let it be 20% now :slight_smile:

Man, this is the lowest pass rate ever for Level 3… 2004 64% 2005 55% 2006 76% 2007 50% 2008 53%

Was it really the lowest pass rate ever?


I’m stunned. I was 99% sure I was going to pass. Never been so confident walking out of that room - at any level. Once again, my results don’t make sense and of course no way to see my marks. I improved a great deal on the pm from years past but the morning session is being graded harder. I don’t believe otherwise. I still don’t get it. I promised myself I would never quit but I have no confidence this will ever happen for me. I could not have timed getting serious about this at the worst time. It’s obvious where they are going with this - lower and lower pass rates. 76% a few years ago and now under 50% after two straight years of low 50%. Still, I thought I was going to be in the pass group no matter what the rate. This has been my personal hell for several years now. Maybe it’s time to take a year off.

Yes, lowest pass rate ever. Next lowest was 50% in 2007. Avg since 1963 has been 65% and since 2000 it’s been 63%.

76% pass rate for an exam of this level and importance is a complete sham. They are practically giving them away at that rate. I think 50% is fair for level III. Based on SOA standards, the rates should generally be 30%, 40%, 45% for I, II, III.

Was the Level 1 pass rate the highest ever? 46% seems ridiculous

no not at all

mpnoonan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Was it really the lowest pass rate ever? Confirmed. 49% is a new low for level 3.

I cannot believe that.

I think we were drinking the same cool aid as I was confident as hell walking out of the exam but still failed. I think I need to take a year off to put things in perspective.

WOW, they really jacked the pass rate.

well with lowest passing rate for level 3 but level 1 passing rate is very very high at 46% comparing to recent years of low 30% mark, that seems like they want to keep as many people in the program as possible to make more profit.