Pass rate amongst AFs

expected pass rate amongst AFs

Usually when the results come out we find AFs have a 90% pass rate whereas pop mean is 50%. This is often explained by the smugg explantion that the pass rate it higher amongst AFs since we are cleverer or work harder or have less of a life etc. I always suspect it’s more likely reporting bias, i.e. I’m more like to post if I pass thAn if I fail.

I was wondering what people think, obviously I hope option 1 we are are more likely to pass as by posting I have just given myself a conditional prob of passing of 90% instead of a feeble 50%

I’m sure it’s a little of both. On one hand, someone that takes the time to read and post on analystforum, on average, probably cares more and studies harder for the exam. On the other hand, there is also some reporting bias for certain as no one wants to proudly announce that They Failed.

My personal opinion is that it is more of the latter in the AFers study harder, care more, and put in more time than non-AFers. In any event, it is certain that the reported pass rate on AF is indeed much higher than the general population.

Very reasonable, the take home is if you are borderline or worried about failing. Post you results here to improve your chances of passing.

In my opinion, the Analyst Forum’s result is upward biased for level 1 only as the forum filters out the serious candidates from the casual. For level 3, however, a candidate quite often studies seriously for the exam regardless of whether the person is an AF member. All of them have worked hard to pass the two levels and are probably giving it their all to cross the final hurdle.

PS: Exceptions obviously include individuals with a heavy workload or family commitments

Obviously we have no way of testing this, but I am with you that there’s some reporting bias. I failed last year, and I can’t remember if I bothered posting my results or not. But now that I had another year at it and feel pretty good about it… I can certainly say that I will again, probably not bother posting my results. or maybe I will. it’s really not up there on my to do list. in conclusion, everything I’m writing from the past sentence onward is a waste of time and if you’re still reading this, you’re allowing yourself to be trolled by nonsense.

What a wonderful way to say “I have got free time”

50%+ based on previous posts

An observation which applies to you too mynk18 as you appear to be reading this thread and taking the time to respond.


plus people lie

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Well played

yea people here some are way too proud with themselves, finance people after all, so always discount their words by 60-80%

So . . . remove all of the verbs, adjectives, and prepositions, leaving only nouns, adverbs, articles, and interjections?

Seems about right.

Any position on their punctuation?

i think punctuation is fine, how about the subjects and the objects?

i am not sure about your proposal, if you think it’s right, how about you try it on your own statement and ask around if it comes out as a logical statement? if yes, i think you are right, if not maybe you can try better?

Not all who fail post.

And not all who post fail.

Them’s the nouns; leave 'em in.

Or, Them’ nouns; 'em.