PASS RATE - Calification system

Is this time the same than in CFA1 when is more valuable to be consistent along the topics (imaigne 3/4 every item set - and dont fail in anyone) than outperform in one (6/6) and under perform in another 1 or (2 of 6) or does not matter?

If matters would be quite unfair because in some topics only 6 questios could make the luck factor pass or fail….

Luck is always a factor

Maybe I did not explain it properly…

If I understood properly. in the CFA1 you should pass all the blocks (more than 50% in FRA, Equity…) and that was more important than the overall score… Is in CFA2 the same?



If you have the points but you fail in a topic or two could make you fail the exam… I am quite sure I read that few times last year and:

  • The topic area performance summary cannot be used to determine actual scores or a pass/did not pass result. CFA Institute reports topic area performance as a range. Therefore, topic performance patterns that appear similar may be associated with a different pass/fail result. For example, candidates in higher score bands may have topic area performance summaries that resemble that of a passing candidate.

You can have zero’s in 2 or 3 subjects and still pass. The total score matters.

Theoretically, you can skip 7 vignettes altogether and still pass.

From conversations with speaking to those that passed Level 2, they agreed that some of it was luck. They were scoring aroudn mid 60% on their mock exams and were not completely comfortable. Each mock exam they completed revealed some deficiency in their understanding. Their recommendation was stay the course. They are only testing 120 questions out of an ocean of possible topics.

Fully agree with you, specially in small weighted topics like Alternative investment…

Lest see whats Saturday brings us!