Pass rates

Hi, First, I know that this topic has been discussed in the past. I’ve read a bunch of responses but I just can’t seem to get a clear picture. I am taking Level I on Saturday. I’ve been studying since August and have done >80% of questions from the Qbank during the past month. I am scoring about 70-80% on all sections (or higher) with the exception of Econ. So the question is, at what point do you feel comfortable that you will pass the exam? If you are scoring >70% on questions, would you feel “safe”? What scares me the most is the fact that 30-40% of all candidates pass Level I (or so I’ve heard), and that’s a really low pass rate… Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

In the 3 CFAI exams I’ve took… I’ve been between 70 and 80%, and only feel I will pass with luck…

You shouldn’t feel comfortable until you walk out of the exam. Keep working…

You probably won’t even feel comfortable then…you will have to wait a few months to receive your score.

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Joey - u rock!!

good point Joey “it aint over 'til its over…”

agree with Joey, you shouldnt feel confortable until the exam is over, and even with that. you shouldnt feel confortable until you actually get the results, the fact that you score >70 or >80 aint mean anything, i have see folks scoring 60% on practice exam and that have passed and folks scoring over 80% failing. Scoring 80% means that your on the right direction, but unfortunately that aint mean a 100% pass

It just takes one brain freeze to fail an exam. It aint over till the fat lady sings.

for me, it aint over til i mount my certificate on my wall

I agree just keep working until the exam, that way you can’t say well if I reviewed that one day I could have passed…Just think of it as we are all ultimate fighters training for the fight in a few days. Make sure you are prepared the best you can so you don’t get slammed. You got to give it one last squeeze and review what you don’t know. I got a question for you people who are working on the Qbank. I’m putting tests together in different sections and scoring quite well (level of difficulty is high). I don’t think they are as difficult as Practice exams or Schweser Bk 6. I’m not sure if I should review those questions that I have already done, as to try to solidify the concepts or review stuff that I completely don’t know and may or may not remember on the test. What do you think ?

nice, i like that fight analogy… just remember everyone: “The more you sweat…the less you bleed” safe for work although you may want to engage in hand to hand combat after listening also safe for work… just imagine everyone, this is the day we’re all waiting for =)

Slave love your youtube connection, thats what I’m gonna be playing on Saturday morning.

everybody is looking forward to putting “CFA” after their name but after i pass level III i will be writing WARLORD after mine. either that or cfa.