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Not spamming, I posted in other group, in case if have not seen this: Most of us already know these numbers. Hey, show this page to your spouse, future employer, or nagging girl friend. Picture worth more than words, probably they can understand how hard passing these CFA exams are?

I forgot add December passed Here are the totals: 2008 June Appeared: 44,063 Passed: 15,311 December: Appeared: 49,794 Passed: 17,428 (approx) Totals Pass level 1 was ; 32,739 (35 %). I will fix it. Thanks for heads up.

Made the corrections. Feel free to download the stats:

nobody cares

I think this is cool!

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hey i actually clicked the link…that is pretty cool!

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SkipE99, Now I can remember you from CHI town 3-day class.

Very interesting, I thought they would be more correlated with the ups and downs but all three levels don’t really move together that much, maybe L1 & L2. L3 is a wild ride. I think the CAIA will take a similar path from the current 70% pass rate to later being in the 40%… reasons to take it now and hedge the pain of it getting harder later if you are going to be in this part of the woods, industry wise.

wow nearly 46 % cleared level 2 last time …hopefully % remains same this time

can it go to 56%? as it happened 3-4 yrs back ?

must have been nice when the pass rates were 80%