Pass with kaplan ( or others provider)


I passed CFA level II and I have a question about CFA level III.

I have read a lot of threads saying that you need to study from Curriculum but I would like to know if there are someone who has passed the exam only studing from kaplan notes and practice test for examples.

Which is the best provider?


Might want to ask this again in two weeks. At the very least, I’ll have an answer for you then. Until that time, enjoy the jubilation from level 2, there’s no need for you begin worrying about level 3 now, the next two weeks wont make or break anything.

I’ve used Kaplan exclusively for all 3 levels. I don’t have my level 3 result but I’ve I didn’t pass, it won’t be due to having used Kaplan. I have found the videos to be especially helpful at all levels. Using the CFAI curriculum simply takes more time and doesn’t allow for as much repetition - all else equal. I think you’re better off knowing the really key concepts cold, even at the risk of missing some minor points, than to have shaky knowledge of every concept. This point might even be more relevant for the morning session of level 3 where recall speed and conversance are paramount.

Hi dani789,

I passed all 3 levels at first attempt using Kaplan. Form the curriculum I only did all end of chapter questions and blue box examples.

Kaplan plus lots of practice should be enough. Using the entire curriculum simply leaves you with not enough time for practicing.

Good luck.