So I first thought that I rocked the exam. Now after reading all these threads, not so sure. I know for a fact of 15 questions I got wrong, but that includes everything that I knew I didnt do correctly or outright didnt know. I figure I probably made other dumb mistakes and sure got some other ethics stuff wrong but overall I think I did ok. So if you know you got 15 wrong but feel comfortable overall, what are the chances that I passed? Obviously no one can answer this but and I’ll find out on the 18th

i’m in the same boat, felt like king sh1t coming out of every session an hour early, discovered 15-20 mistakes on AF. i think i was a little too naive and immediately accepted a lot of my answers because it was 1 of the choices, the mock exams weren’t nearly as crafty as the real thing.

agrred, tricky CFA, i think i might be around 66% without more dumb mistakes, but hoping for the curve… No hablo band 10!

The mocks definitely do not prepare you for this level of trickery. I tried to calculate the distractors for most of the numerical questions so I could have peace of mind.

So I think I should be ok. As of now I know of 20 wrong ones if I give myself some extra wrong ones for ethics. Now this includes the 5 questions I knew I got wrong. That leaves another random 16 wrong without the curve which is almost an other 1 per vignette and I know that there are some vignettes where I got everything right. I still think I should be ok and pass. Time will tell.