Passed all 3 levels - pay for the membership?

Hey everyone, here to seek some genuine advice related to career/job seeking. First off, I’m based in the finance capital of Canada.

I passed all three levels last year, but I did not apply and pay to get the three letters by name. I didn’t find it was necessary especially because my current role doesn’t require or sponsor CFA (market research for financial services). My rationale was that I would opt in the membership if I switch to an investment/AM firm that will pay the dues for me.

With that said, would you recommend just paying for the membership and have the 3 letter while job seeking? I’m not sure if it would make much difference, especially given that this city has the highest number of Charterholders per capita (source: Trust me Bro). Perhaps becoming part of the CFA society will open more opportunities? Would love to hear y’all thoughts. On my resume, I just have ‘passed all three levels’ at the moment.