Passed but need 2 more years work experience

Is anybody who passed but does not yet have the 4yrs work experience applying for membership?

There seems to be no harm in waiting 2 more years before applying for membership and obtaining the charter right? This way I save 2 years of paying fees without being able to use the letters.

You will get rejected if you try to apply for something that you don’t meet the requirements for. How were your ethics scores? cool

My understanding is that one can still apply for membership but not be a charterholder. Even candidates can apply for membership, but they’re placed into a different tier of membership. Just wanted to check that there is no harm in not doing so cause the official wording around membership is a bit unclear and always in favor of application (not surprisingly).

Ethics >70% for the first time, surprisingly. I’ve never had a good feeling about that topic.

Oops. Sorry. Thought you needed the 4 years experience. I am older so I knew I had cleared that bit.

Anybody else in a similar camp as me, having passed L3 but not have the required work experience yet?

I am, I only have two years of experience as well…oh well.

I have three years of experience. My understanding (and I could be very much mistaken), is that we can apply for affiliate membership, pay the dues and when we hit 4 years of experience we can automatically get the charter? The alternative would be doing nothing, waiting for 48 months to hit, and then applying directly for full membership, which would mean waiting the required time for the application to be approved. Can any charterholders confirm this?

It also looks like the turnaround time for application to approval is pretty quick for the Level 3 candidates who passed this year as they have the letters upon logging in today? So if I wait until I have the full 4 years, then it would seem like I would get my letters within a month?

I’m in this boat. It’s a bit depressing but way better than being 15 years into a relevant career and trying to pass these dang tests. I’d take this side every time. For now we’re stuck putting “Passed Level III” on the resume!

Yup, only 1 year 10 months experience.

Have to wait until 28 to get my Charter. Not that I’m holding my breath either tbh. The only benefit for membership for me are the business card and signature initials.

9 more months to go before I can use those three letters. It’s funny how 9 hours ago was still about life or death, and now life back to normal, like nothing happened lol

What, in your guys view, is the best way to present your accomplishment?

Passed All Three Levels Of The CFA Exam?


What will you guys be putting on your LinkedIn/resume?

Can those who have passed Level 3 but are still away from earning the right to apply for a Charter eligible to apply for membership? Do they get access to same benefits?

3 more years to the title… but still glad I finished the tests.

That’s depressing

I find the networking benefits to be insignificant. What other benefits for being a Charterholder that justifies paying annual fees?

I’m with you ftmm1234. 3 more years of work experience left to complete.

Maybe discount for some events attendance but I am not sure. This fall will be financial conference in Amsterdam.