Passed L2 About 10 Years Ago. If I Try L3, Can I Pass?

I don’t work in finance. I work for an appraisal company, so our valuations support many asset-based loans, and I interact with lots of banks and private equity groups. My boss has the CFA designation, and he regularly attends CFA conferences to network with finance professionals.

I was thinking about dusting off my study hat and finishing off the designation to at least provide more credibility to my resume and interactions with others in the finance world.

I am 35 years old, and the last time I took L2 and passed was in 2009 or 2010. I never attempted L3 because my professional career was not going down the finance route, and studying for it sucks away your life. Needless to say, I’ve forgotten 90% of the material, especially with more of the technical details. I don’t think I can study properly for June 2019, but I can at least try it out and study when I can to test drive the exam. Then in 2020, go for it for real with 6 months of study.

My company hires lots of former finance professionals, and one interview candidate who passed all tests told me that I could study and pass L3 because the test content is different from all the rest. I’m just curious what you guys think. I haven’t signed into this forum for many years :slight_smile:

I’m tutoring a candidate who passed the Level I exam 15 years ago and then failed the Level II exam twice. I’m confident that she’ll pass the Level II exam, and go on to get her charter.

If she can, there’s no reason that you can’t.


If you does, then there’s no reason you cant!..

Sure you can. Besides if you fail, you can just view it as a warm up to get back into it and try again the next year. That was my approach.

I am turning 36 this year. Passed L1 in 2008, L2 in 2010, and L3 in 2018.

My “luxury” was my family was not with me last year so I could stay in company to study from 6ish to 1130pm almost everyday since Feb. If you are busy with work and life, start earlier, much earlier. register the exam on the first day when it opens and start to read.

I passed L3, with score among the top 10%. Try to aim not just pass and tell yourself there is no second chance. You will pass.