Passed - L2 June 09? or June 10?

I just found out I passed, and am wondering how many will attempt to go for level 2 this coming June or will wait until 2010 to take it. I am hesitant because I have other priorities at the moment and think I won’t have enough time to prepare properly, so taking it in 2010 seems more reasonable. On the other hand I would love to just take it and get it done with. Any thoughts?

June 2009

Unfortunately I can’t take L2 this June because I’m graduating in August. So I will have to wait for another year :(. Well I just really wanted my level 1 finished before I graduate, so that goal is fulfilled.

I am in the same boat as well, have a few other commitments, but plan to make time and take it in Jun09 anyway…

June 2009. Want to do this thing as quickly as possible so the sooner it will be over. I’m extremely busy at working making too long days so I’ll just force myself to read a bit each (working) day. Then when the final month approaches really go into detail.

june 2009, want to take it when i still have it fresh in my mind (per say). also want to get it over with asap.

I will probably take it in June 2010. I have other plans for the first half of the year, but we’ll see. I gave myself until tomorrow to decide.

June '09. I’d like to get this done as quickly as possible so I can move on with my life! I figure that it will require more condensed studying (a.k.a. an even crappier social life) for 4 months, but to think that I could potentially be taking LIII in 2010 is motivation for me to put my head down and study.

  1. Already have been studying. It’s a tough beast… get ready :wink:

Same question. I feel like already forgot lots of the stuff from L1…don’t know how hard it will be to refresh all memory and to complete L2 in 4 mth time…

June 2009, come on let’s do this !!

I dont know… Im not sure whether there is sufficient time… and im enjoying my party life lol.

June 09! Do it!

maggiew, suck it up and register! CFABLACKBELT, just sign up!

Just signed up for June 2009… ding…

I’m signed up and bought Stalla notes.

June 2009…Can i do it ? passed with >70% in Derivatives, Econ, Equity, FSA, Fixed Income, Portfolio Mgmt, Quant i screwed up (51-70) in Ethics, Alt Inv, Corp Fin

I have decided to wait until June 2010. Reason being that I just started a new job this week and need to focus on getting comfortable with the new situation in my work life. That will provide enough stress for me in the next few months… Plus I gave myself eight months to prepare for Level 1, including almost three months of layoff-induced study time, and didn’t exactly nail the exam (though I did of course pass). So I want to maximize my studying time for Level 2, which I understand is a whole new world of hurt… Going for Level 2 in four months would be ballsy, but I really doubt I can put in the study time between work and home life (I have four kids under the age of 11). Not to mention the cost of registration and Schweser/Stalla materials. I’m listening to my gut instinct, which says to wait… That said, I do plan to gradually start studying over the next few months, and then ramp it up when the new curriculum is available. This forum is going to be key in keeping my head in the CFA game.

I am in the same boat as dapoopa. As much as I want to get LII over with, I need to spend some time focusing on my new job. I also have to pass the 7 and 66 before April. Good luck to those of you going for it in 2009!

too much to do in the next 4 months. im waiting until jun 2010.