passed L3 - sponsoring membership?

Hi there, i found out i passed L3 recently, no surprises i’m over the moon about that. now i have the task of gaining regular membership. does anyone know what the sponsors have to do to sponsor your membership? specifically, i’m wondering about the local CFA member sponsor. i know a few people through my network, but i’m a bit reluctant to ask them as i don’t know them very well, and vice-versa. Will they just have to tick a box and that’s it, or do they need to know me well enough to talk about my work experience etc? i’m the first person at my company to get to this stage, so i don’t really have an alternative, but it would be helpful to know how big a favour i’m asking of them before i ask! my boss (non-CFA) will be my other sponsor, and he has no problem with such details, if required.

Ask your local society

jasonmatthew Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ask your local society +1

Im in this same situation … but im still on lv3. i want to get this approved before going into the exam. boss- cool with signing have a cfa member who is my boss brother that works on wall street. not apart of my local society though- im assuming i cant use him as a sponsor ? Could i join the new york cfa society and get sponsorship that way?> or go find a new cfa memeber at my local society here in az. . which would suck having to find someone. any advice would be appreciated.