Passed L3, what am I now?

Borderline stupid question, but the CFAI website didn’t help.

If I’ve passed Level 3, but need about another year of work experience to qualify for the charter, what do I put on my resume etc?

I was going to say “CFA Candidate - Charter Pending” but since I haven’t put in the application yet, I think that is wrong.

Am I still a level 3 candidate, a level 3 candidate that passed level 3? What can I write?

take a look, useful

What if you are already a regular member, which means that your work experience is already approved, but the status also shows Pending?

The new charters will be out soon.

I think Charter-Pending is against the code of ethics. Charter is awarded and its a binary event, never half-done or in ‘transit’. You could simply say “cleared all levels of CFA program”.

I updated my resume to CFA Charter Candidate.

  • It does not use CFA as a noun and properly references everything

  • It is clear I am a Candidate

  • I feel its clear where I am at, but mayb e others don’t feel the same way.

I will tell you what though, very shortly I will have a hard answer as I sent a copy of my resume to my local society membership chair for review. If I get kicked out of the CFA Program for improper reference, I will let you all know.

I’ve seen others use it. No guidance for this stage anywhere I could find, hopefully the status doesn’t last long.

you will be able to use the letters in two weeks, why can’t anyone be patient? you have worked hard for those letters, don’t do something dumb in the next two weeks to jeopardize using them for the rest of your life

patience, my friends…patience

It’s been at least. 2yrs since start to now. Just wait 2 more weeks!!!

I don’t know why you guys won’t just read what I wrote. I DO NOT have the required work experience to obtain the charter. Nothing is 2 weeks away. I need one more year at least, and there’s a good chance one year won’t quite qualify, so I probably am 2 years out. If I go to business school, add another 2 years. Not 2 weeks. Not for me.

I put “CFA Candidate - Passed all 3 CFA exams”

I like “Charter Pending” a lot better, but I think thats a violation.

You can not put CFA candidate if you are not registered to take an exam.

Read the ethics section again Stratman, it is pretty clear with how you can reference the CFA program.

Been lurking on the forums for all 3 levels but never made an account. I just couldn’t help myself after seeing some of these post-exam threads.

All I want to know is: how did you ever make it this far? Ethics have been a major portion of all 3 exams. In those exams, use of the CFA designation is topic that is revisited frequently. Within that section, it clearly states that you cannot imply in any way that you are a “Charterholder-in-waiting” . The suggested terminology is to say that you “Passed all three levels of the CFA exam”.

There is ZERO benefit to trying to test the boundaries of what is acceptable on this topic. No potential employer is going to have a higher propensity to hire you because “Charter pending” sounds fancier than “Passed all three levels of the CFA exam”. If they know anything about the CFA program, then they will know what “Passed all three levels” implies. You’re doing yourself a disservice by trying to make your resume appear in a way that you perceive to be more flattering.

Standards of Professional Conduct - Section VII B. - Go back and read it carefully. It applies to us all long after we finish the exams and receive the charter.

Cool bro, thanks for that!

I didn’t see where it said they suggested “Passed all levels of the CFA exam” as the proper bullet point. Neither did dracop, who clearly stated there is no guidance for this stage. What page is it on? As I said, on the website, it doesn’t say what is proper, and if you look at other threads, there is mixed feedback from CFAI as far as “pending.” Where in the text does it address my specific question? I have the books in front of me. All I see is a paragraph that makes it sound more compicated than it needs to be. And in that paragraph it actually uses the word “candidate” for someone who has passed level 3 followed by an entire sentence explaining that the candidate passed the exams and will be eligible for the charter upon completion of the required work experience.

That isn’t a bullet point. I want a bullet point. So you either found something in the text that answers my question, or think you know more than you do and want to talk down to other people. I hope it is the former, and you can point to something from the text that addresses my question. I am asking for that very reason, and despite how dumb you think I am, I did great on ethics.

To address your other question, I got this far by studying and being smart. It has nothing to do with getting a job or fooling potential employers, dipshit. I am asking a question.

With that said, welcome to the forum and I really look forward to learning more about how stupid I am from a person who registered just to give me shit advice. Thanks!!

Hi Stratman, its in the ethics section. There is a table thing that demonstrates the proper and in-proper way to reference the CFA program. I’m pretty sure it was also covered in the EOC questions and in various sample exams. Well done on passing the exams.

Page 148, Volume 1 of 2012 Level II Curriculum, Exhibit 4. The proper reference is: “I have passed all three level of the CFA Program and may be eligible for the CFA charter upon completion of the required work experience.”

The incorrect reference: “CFA (Passed Finalist)”

Per CFA Institute you are able to use “Passed CFA Level III Test - Charter pending” on your resume if that is what shows as your status on their website.

You are not allowed to use “CFA (Passed Finalist)” as CommicBookGuy has stated or “CFA - expected …”

Charter pending implies that the charter will be awarded upon completion and review of the requirements by the CFA, not that the Charter is impending. IMHO I think “Passed CFA Level III” is enough for any employer review - they can ask you in the interview about the differences between that and charterholder if they want.

Thanks for the better responses. comicbookguy, that is the section I was referring to. Not exactly a bullet point, but if thats what they want me to put, I’ll put it.

hate to break it to you but Code and Standards specifically disallow ‘Passed CFA Level III’… there is no ‘Level III’ in CFA.

You can say you passed the Level 3 CFA EXAM but not ‘CFA Level III’.

don’t shoot the messenger…

keep checking :slight_smile: