Passed Level 1 but was very rusty, Need to start Level 2 NOW, ADVICE PLEASE

I hope some experienced Level 2-ers or Level 3-ers can advise me how to plan my studying. I passed Level 1 but my knowledge was weak and I definitely need to brush up on everything. However, I don’t want to derail progress to Level 2 by sitting on Level 1 too long. Do I need to review Level 1 or should I just dive in to Level 2 and refer to Level 1 “as needed”? Also, I got the Schweser notes and materials for Level 2. Please tell me how to budget my time between Level 1 review and Level 2, between Schweser materials and CFAI materials, etc. I feel I can definitely spend 250-300 hours on preparation between now and June 2012, and possibly more.

Many thanks!

just dive in level 2.

you don’t need knowledge of level 1 (although they do overlap) to pass level 2 as the cfai texts are fairly comprehensive and review/repeat some of the key concepts.

oh hey that is good news. should i do one pass-through with schweser then read the cfai stuff?

that’s what i did with level 1. what study techniques are most efficient?

imo, schwesser. and eoc cfai books.

and for accounting, ethics, equity, use cfai stuff.