Passed Level 1 - Looking for tips/advice for Sept '21 Level 2 Sitting

Hi all,

I found out yesterday I passed the CAIA Level 1 exam. My performance report had me in ‘Strongest’ for all categories but Ethics and Private Securities, where I was in ‘Higher’. I used Kaplan Schweser materials, attended all classes (sometimes live sometimes recorded), saw ~95% of the QBank, and did 3-4 practice exams in preparation.

I will be signing up for L2 upon registration opening the first week of April. Can anyone provide tips or advice from experience to help me prepare for L2? I have considered switching service providers prior to receiving my exam results, but being I scored well in L1, I am leaning towards staying with Kaplan.

Thanks in advance !

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Mguarion, congrats! I passed Level I as well. I am very happy! I used Kaplan basic package and started on December 2020. Results: Strongest HF, RE, SP; Higher PS, IAI and PSE.

I have looked UM, but I guess I will keep with Kaplan but better suite. Perhaps, I will get UM questions and test bank.

Level II is tougher than I.

Good luck for us!

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Thanks Julio - goodluck to you too! Good idea with the UM QBank, I didn’t it was available to purchase as a standalone product.

I forgot to mention that I used CAIA official text book and then Kaplan notes.

I cleared CAIA L1 with UM qbank. Planning to continue with the same for level 2. But would like to know suggestions to study from level 2 candidates on New syllabus March’21 ??

I have my study material and my handwritten notes of Level II if anyone is keen is getting their hadns on those. Happy to share them. DM me for the same

Abhiwad, did you took Level 2 exam - new curriculum? how hard is Models? What topics do think are tough?


Yes, I gave the new curriculum based examy the. I found most of the topics tough especially the middle ones - 5-7. People said they found Topic 9 - CIT tough. I think the suggestion I got to grind, make notes and refer to them again and again really helped. I did not Models topic difficult.

So, you passed. Congrats! Did you use Kaplan or UM?

Awaiting result but I am very confident that I will clear the exam. I used Kaplan as a reference but mainly my notes for drilling down the concepts and preparing myself for the exam

Thanks! Hope you clear it.

Hi - just finished L2, feel like I’m 50/50, but we’ll see in a few weeks.

I used UpperMark and I would strongly recommend that.

I would not recommend their live course, but their Summary Notes and their QBank are excellent. I read the book and then read UM Summary material, but I really could have skipped the Text, I feel like that would have left me more time to do QBank vs reading. The Wiley CAIA text is laughably riddled with typos, incorrect “answers” in example questions, etc. It’s obvious they rushed getting the book out, or fell behind and didn’t do that last quality control/editing step.

So I’d really recommend anyone use UM and not bother with the text. But definitely go through the CAIA end of chapter Qs,which you can download from the study materiel section.

Nothing is “hard” in L2 per se, but there is a wide breadth of material and they can really “get you” if they want to on any number of topics. But just do the reading and pound the QBank and you’ll be good.

Congrats everyone, and best luck on L2!


Any sequence to study for level 2?

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Did you use UM’s basic material (suite or premium suite)?

Thank you so much! Where can I find EOC questions? Public download or after registration?

I can find only exercises on the website.

CAIA l2 webpage