Passed level 1 without doing all the readings

So I only did half the readings for CFA level and still passed (did not read equity, FI, derivatives, alternative investments and corporate finance)

Should I complete these readings before I move on to level 2? I have accounting/finance background (from college) but want to know if doing CFA level 1 specific readings for these respective sections would help with level 2 or no?


Nope just read the level 2 stuff.

OMG, how can you pass without reading all those material. You must did a really good job ( nearly 100%) on other topics to get through the level I, didn’t you? Otherwise, you are a brilliant guys who already know about those stuffs without even reading it. In my opinion, you don’t need to read those topics before taking level II, just go straight to level II material.

Is there any relation at all between the level 1 and level 2 material?

Yes - but anything you will be tested on will be covered in the L2 books. If you didn’t cover it in L1 and it’s expanded upon in L2 you will still be able to learn it from the L2 books. Forget about L1 altogether at this point and enjoy the pass.

Totally agree with this guys. The stuff you don’t read on level I have very little correlation with the level II material, even if those stuff happens again in level II books, it will be well-explained, so don’t worry about that. The fact that you passed level I without reading those material indicate that you have a good foundation on those things, so just go ahead and skip the level I book. That is my advice. Good luck with your journey.

Spot on. You don’t even need the L1 books, to be honest. I need to find a purpose for mine.

I know the guy who passed level 2 by studying only 2 weeks prior exam and reading only summaries at the end of chapters. Unfortunately this wasn’t me.

Can you bring yourself to throw them away though? I can’t. I was a sandwich delivery driver when I passed L1 - that shit means too much to me.

I don’t think so, haha. That’s why they are sitting in my closet taking up space… definitely some weird sentimental value. If anything, I will “donate” them to a colleague or try to sell them on ebay.

Many of the things you skipped will be covered as the “optional” text in a reading.

Personally, my knowledge of derivatives was so weak after L1, and it’s so complex in L2, that I probably would recommend you hit up that section to easy the ramp-up.