Passed Level 2 at 23, best job to launchpad career?

Recently passed Level 2 and have been working in fund accounting. Want to get out asap to turn the academics into the practical. Was looking at entry level analyst roles, product specialist and working middle office on a Sales and Trading desk. What roles are realistic to shoot my shot for and will propel my career?

*3.55 from semi-target State School

What’s your end goal? It’s a slightly different route, but Asset/Liability Management at a regional bank or bank vendor (Jack Henry, FNBB, etc.) translates pretty well toward a Treasury management and FI PM track.

The end goal would be an FI PM role, have always been more interested in credit markets. Have been applying to any entry level credit analyst or portfolio associate role as I was under the impression they’re the best to launch pad off of and realistic to get given my background

Asset management launch program. Either a large company like Wellington fidelity Eaton Vance etc or a hedge fund like point 72 or citadel. For fi, idk what. Pimco.

To be clear though just passing level 2 isn’t going to get you far at all. You must’ve graduated so you don’t have on campus recruiting. What’re you doing now? You may be able to network and get into some middle office risk role then transfer into something front office internally. I’d focus on middle market or bb risk then try to make a move to trading.

Been in fund accounting at State Street for almost a year. Have been trying to pivot the last couple months as its time to move on from this foot in the door job and recruiters keep hounding me about more accounting opportunities. Really want to start applying what I’ve learned from the CFA practically whether that be directly like an analyst or combine my people-skills with product sales. Anything other than killing it networking that’ll help land a role in something like an asset management launch program or entry level wholesaling?

Not realistically unless you wannna do a m fin or can somehow get into a really good mba program. I’m in sell side research and I hired for a junior analyst last year and even then got almost a hundred resumes, with a ton of them being 3.5+ gpas from top schools and most with experience. Many with phds or masters or multiple cfa levels. I imagine asset management is even more competitive.

I’d get on networking hard. Use the cfa society as a tool. State street is good, maybe you can get into some program there.

Appreciate the advice, over the last few months it definitely feels like networking is the key for me, and to use passing level 2 as a way for professionals to think “huh, maybe shooting the ■■■■ with this kid won’t suck so bad.” What do you feel the CFA program has done best for you at your stage in your career? Whether that be the network it offers or curriculum.

Not sure it does anything. I’d say probably nothing. My boss has a charter and says it was a waste of time and if he could go back he’d not have done it. I think it’s only useful to get your foot in the door. There are just so many smart and highly qualified people applying to jobs that it’s not a big differentiator. Finishing the third level kinda makes sense to me now because it’s a sunk cost. But no one really cares once you’re in the industry. It may be a requirement if you wanna be a pm at some asset managers.