passed level 3 but do not yet have required work experience

I will have the required 4 yrs in May. Is there anything I should be doing between now and then that can expedite my candidacy?


Start building a time machine? What do you mean expediate your candidacy?

If you have not already done so, do the following:

Join CFAI and a local society as a candidate.

Submit the work experience you have and get it approved. This will make getting your last 6 months approved much easier, as you will likely have had to reword some stuff to get your existing experience approved.

^ Agree

don’t waste you time with that work experience stuff - just start building the time machine!!!

LOL at expedite my candidacy.

just enjoy the holidays!!

i don’t think it’s going to save you that much time if you submit work experience now or in May. The approval process doesn’t take that long (a couple weeks?) unless you have changed jobs, then perhaps you should ask your previous employer/ manager to approve the previous work experience first.

Congrats in advance.

Sit next to a pretty girl in a bar, and the time will feel shorter. Just don’t put your hands near any hot stoves.

Start fulfilling the continuous learning credits requirement…

What? :open_mouth: how will that help?

Just to kill time… he won’t be so desperate again.

is there a deadline by when you need to have your 48 months work experience?

Like does it have to be within a certain timeframe from when you pass L3? Or can you pass level 3 and still get your 48 months work experience after 10 years for example?

I’m not aware of a time limit.