Passed level 3.... can I write "CFA candidate" on business card?

I work as a financial adviser to retail clients. Most of them have no clue what the CFA is or means, but my boss advised me that people like to see letters. I am not asking whether or not this is prudent, I am asking a simple technical question. May someone that has passed all 3 levels write " Dan Jones, CFA candidate" on a business card?

Only if Dan Jones is prepared to be sanctioned for an ethics violation.

Even if you could do that without a penalty, why would you?

-ohai “put on pants myself today”

OP passed level 3 and still doesnt know the basics?..

Mate - just dont do it. No1 gives a monkeys about ur ‘CFA passed level 3’ staus. Just wait until u get ur 4yrs work exp and then put in on ur bc’s

if most of them don’t have a clue don’t bother…I don’t have my CFA on my business card or on my linkedin profile…just have it under certification in my linkedin and bbg terminal.

A better thing to write would be “guaranteed superior returns pending”

I will put all my titles on the door of my apartment so the burglars do not have any doubts whom they need to break into.

I know you must be right… I remember using all of your comments when I was studying for level 2 and 3!

logically doesn’t make sense to invite robbers to your house so…the robbers should avoid your place?

In reality you don’t need to do that…in NYC…it’s the building you live in…anywhere else in the country it’s the neighborhood and the size of the house that semi advertises your wealth or lack there of.

I live in a penthouse.

I have put on all 2 socks and will be eligible for a belt when I meet the pants requirement.



To answer your question, no you can’t do that. It’s again CFA Institute standards. But then again, this is my 3rd time taking L3 so clearly I don’t know anything so take that advice with a grain of salt.

And to the other comments, I completely agree. No one cares if you (or me or anyone) has a CFA or not. It’s like a little ego patch they give you that no one else gives a flying f about :slight_smile:


You’re close… :+1: