Passed Level I, but weak in many areas, need to pass Level II June, advice please

The title pretty much says it all. I seriously need to review the Level I materials and I want to gear up to pass Level II in June. I know Level II is much, much harder, and I am ready to put in the time, but I want to be very tactical as to how I budget the time, in terms of reviewing old material and learning the new material, using CFAI materials and Schweser materials, etc. Please, those of you who have passed Level II, what is my best strategy? How many hours should I put in, and how?

Thanks, AF has been a great support to me! Thank you to all!

When you get the level 2 books, I think you’ll find out that there is way too much material to study. I honestly don’t think you will have time to study both.

Probably every spare minute you have. At least until you are scoring really well on practice tests. There isn’t much time left now, especially if you did poorly in many Level 1 areas.

I would suggest forgetting your L1 results and concentrating on L2. Sure you might be waek in areas, but only go back to L1 material if this is causing problems in L2. Not all L1 stuff is in L2 and poor results does not necessarily translate to poor understanding. It may just have been that you needed more time to put in the work to recall the material. Honestly I think you’re wasting you time reviewing material from an exam you’ve already passed. It’s in there somewhere use the L2 material to bring it out. Congrats and Good Luck

Really? I count 4+ full months.