Passed Level II in 4 months through self-study, and with a full time job

Dear All,

When i was preparing for my level II exam, i read this forum regularly, and benefited from people sharing in this forum.

Today, I would like to share my experience of passing Level II in 4 months through self-study, and doing so with a full time job.

I registered for level II in late January this year, immediately after i passed level I exam. I started my self study in early February, and went through 4 months of intense study, and sat for the exam in early June this year, and passed the exam in July.

My strategy is:

Start from reading the CFA curriculum from B1 to B6, read everything, i get a PDF version of the CFA curriculum so that i can read it conveniently on my tablet during my commuting to office in the metro. In office, i read CFA curriculum online during lunch break and whenever i could find time. I read too at night time, at weekends, etc.

Do All the practice problems in each book, after finish reading each book.

After that, Read the CFA curriculum B1 to B6 again, focus on the part that i don’t understand, focus on understanding, and write the main points down, summarise. Do the practice problems again, do it in an exercise book, write it down.

In the last month, Do the mock topics test, do in exercise book, write down the key points of the mock topics.

in the last two weeks before the exam, do the mock exam, i do the pdf version, and continue to do the mock tests.

It is hard work, and needs a lot of self discipline.

congratulations, unfortunately your CFA charter is in another castle

yeah, i may never obtain the cfa charter

Thanks for your sharing, but may I ask, what do you mean by doing practice questions in the cfai book?? I didn’t use textbook in L1 and now I start to use textbook for LII, but I only see examples in the textbook, there is no practice questions in the book??

man, he said practice problems, and there are practice problems for real in the Curriculum. Unless for you, practice problems are not practice questions.

that’s right. there are practice problems at the end of each chapter.

Are we really talking about practice? Practice?

Yup, practice the voice :slight_smile: