Passed Level III, not eligible for charter

Hi guys, this is my first post here so if there’s some “etiquette” regarding starting new threads which I’m not following please forgive me and let me know.

I have just passed level 3, but won’t have accrued the 48 months relevant work experience until next year. Is there a tangible benefit to applying for affiliate membership now, vs just waiting to apply for regular membership next year? Anyone else in the same boat?

I’ll appreciate your thoughts:)

your local society could have networking events etc but the value of that is questionable. you may be able to get the charter slightly faster if you are already a member

If you have spare $150 which is the membership fee, then why not. Otherwise, just wait till next year when you are elligible.

I am almost in the same boat having 43 month of work experience. My thoughts were applying for the affiliate membership in order to get my references done and to get a kind of “pre-approval” of my work experience. After approval of my affiliate membership I haven’t seen any approval of work experience in my profile, so I ask the Institute whether there has been any approval:

Your work experience was not reviewed by CFA Institute because you submitted an affiliate membership application. The society approved your affiliate membership application, but affiliate members are not eligible for the award of the CFA Charter. In order to eventually become a Charterholder, you must apply for regular membership , be approved, and activate your membership.

If you intended to apply for affiliate membership, because you don’t have the minimum qualifying work experience (48 months), then you may proceed to activate by paying full dues and complete the Professional Conduct Statement.

Seems to me that I will rather wait until i have the required 48 month of work experience and then go for a regular membership …