passed only with schweser (exceptions)

so who passed using only schweser and did NOT touch the CFAI textbooks? exceptions are CFAI text for ethics and CFAI past and present mocks and sample exams. how did you study schweser? qbank, eocs, examples, videos, etc.? thanks!

Daveyc18, still waiting for your offer. drop me an email. I’m serious about your schweser package. Thanks

erobak, I’m selling level 3 material. Let me know if you want to buy it now.

I passed all levels with Schweser only. Qbank is very helpful. Practice tests even more so. Do the practice exams multiple times, even if you remember the answers. It will help to drill it into your head.

schweser only. better question would probably be did anyone only use cfa materials and go 3/3.

Schweser only; 3/3. Level I: Schweser books only Level II: Schweser books + Qbank Level III: Schweser books + Qbank + videos + live mock Not sure if the videos helped me a lot for the exam. It was a nice break from reading/summarizing, but the retention rate must be minimal when i am hanging back behind my computer and making hours that way. I am a big fan of QBank though, even though it is less helpful for level III. But it did help me test myself and study (since you really try to understand the explanation when you had a questions answered incorrectly). Live mock was the best! I thought i was ready by then but scored like 50% on the AM section. So the last two weeks i just practised that part. Without the live mock i would think “oooh, i know the AM stuff well enough and will just write down something”. It is really important to understand how to get partial and full credit for the AM section.