Passed the Exam - Now Starting a New Video Series

I am very excited to say that I passed level III and am finally a CFA® charter holder after 3 years of work! I passed above the 90th percentile, which makes rounding the home plate feel great!

For those that passed, congratulations on a job well done!! for those that didn’t pass, best of luck next time, and keep on toward the goal!

Now that I am done with studying, I am working on a new Youtube series called “Finance at a Glance”. I would really appreciate any feedback on the series or suggestions from the community, since the members here already have great insight into a lot of financial areas.

For those that just passed level III, what do you plan on doing with your free time now?

Here is the link to my first video. Suggestions or comments are very appreciated!!

Looks like you could be the “Mr. Rogers of Finance”. That being said, I was most impressed with your use of legos.


Haha, thank you! It was a lot fun to build with my nephew. I appreciate it.

I was mostly intrigued and impressed with the complexity of the lego construction than the actual content. But great job!!!

Great video. I watched it with my 5 year old hovering over me and he liked the legos, frog, etc. you should consider putting one out for teenagers and try to get it into schools. No joke.

Awesome video! Keep the great work going! A toast to your success from my side! I passed the CFA Level I exam last year but did not pass the CFA Level II exam this year. My prep was from FinTree, an awesome coach for the CFA exams. They provided me JuiceNotes which helped me to pass the exam at Level I. However, I got to realize that the same strategy does not work at CFA Level II and I could not make it. I plan to revamp my study strategy for the CFA Level II exam so that I do not fail again.

Nice video, keep it up!

Thank you very much! that means a lot. I’ll keep it up. Actually, I have one releasing in a few minutes! check it out!

Thank you! I appreciate it. I am releasing my next video now, so comments on that are much appreciated!

Thank you! I’m taking your advice and gearing this one to high school students. Let me know what you think!

Thank you! Check out my new vid too!