Passed using only Schweser

Just passed FRM part 1 using only Schweser, big thanks to Greg Filbeck and the rest of the team for all your help

John, I did too, but I have to say, there was a distinct disconnect between the preparedness I felt using only Schweser to prep for Level 1 and the actuality of sitting in the exam and feeling like it was not the test that I studied for. If you talked to me the day before the exam, I honestly felt so prepared I just wanted to go and destroy that exam. Then I saw the exam and I was blown away by what, if you’d used only Schweser, seemed to me to be a great deal of questions that were only half-mentioned or not covered in detail at all in the Schweser Study Notes books.

Let me be clear – it is easy to sit with hindsight and say, hey, I passed, Schweser is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but this time around, for Level 2, I’m not taking any chances. I still bought the full-boat Schweser program for L2, but this time around I decided to supplement with the Tier I access from Bionic Turtle (mainly for access to additional practice questions). This was mainly due to the fact that every candidate I spoke with who used BT, either in combination with Schweser or in isolation, seemed to relay a higher degree of conviction about how they felt in the exam room, as opposed to merely saying, hey look, I passed, therefore the program is great and will work for L2.

If you felt confident actually taking the exam, well then, more power to you brother! A re-take of L2 would be the ugliest outcome for me imaginable, so redundancy and over-prep is favored this go-around!