Passers that used Schweser- Volume 2 Practice Exam Book????

Hey guys, what are your thoughts on the Volume 2 Practice exam book? I heard that some people found it too hard or not relevant etc… Can someone provide their opinion on this. If you did use Volume 2 Practice Exam book, would you have the Schweser Errata for it? I heard there were alot of errors in that material. I just need it for this book. Thanks

I didn’t use the volume 2 practice exam book. Yes, it is irrelavent. I would recommend you purchase all the mock exams from CFAI. They are more useful.

Thanks for the post tysong. did you find Volume 1 practice exam book helpful?

I used volume 1 for all three levels, it is very helpful. IMO, volume 1 is little bit more difficult than actual exam, but if you can score over 70%, then most likely you will pass. For level 3, volume 1 is not enough, you need to do more CFA past exams from 2000-2008, especially for the IPS questions, and online mock exams.

And, conveniently, the notes I am selling include the 2006 CFAI book that has the past exams from '03, '04 & '05.

Looking back, doing text book examples & questions would have more useful than the Schweser or Stalla practice exams. For my retake, I also need to leave enough time before exam for practice tests.

"too hard or not relevant " x2