Passing candidates - What was your employer's reaction

Always get a kick out of hearing these, since when I passed level two my employer at the time said that the CFA was a waste of time. This year, at a new employer, much different.

Got a celebration lunch, a card from the folks at the office, and a one-on-one talk that my boss insisted that the nature of my work will become much more enjoyable as time goes on.

How about everyone else? Any instant raises in the forum?

Going out to lunch with the team. Also both my bosses bought donuts for the floor to celebrate me passing. No discussion on a “passing bonus” or a raise, but I’m sure the topic will come up at the end of the year when most of this stuff is done.

I work in a bank. I do not think I will get a passing bonus or a raise, but at least my exam fee can be reimbursed.

Congratulations from several people. Others who said “well, we expected that”. No raise or bonus at least not directly; never know what gets considered indirectly when year end decisions are made. Generally people are pretty upbeat about it. People see value in the charter where I work. Heard that in one of our offices people didn’t do well, so I bring the passing average up.

No quantitative gratification.

But warm “congratulations” and “i told you that you would pass” (I was telling my boss that I had failed, and she said that she was certain i would outperform :)). That’s already kind.


I think you’re right in that people will be thinking about quantitative rewards at the end of the year.

My boss got a me a Breitling the size of my head if I failed something tells me he would have added it to his personal collection



Took me to lunch but then told me that they are retiring. I may need to seek new employment soon…

One of the managers on my team bought donuts to celebrate me and one other guy passing CFA Level 3. There were also jokes about CFAI making a special Level 4 and Level 5 exam just to torture me. :frowning:

I initially shared my announcement with my immediate manager and Head of. They then shared the news with the rest of the team and I received multiple congratulatory e-mails throughout the day and a couple of people coming over to have a chat with me too. Feeling relieved :slight_smile:

When i passed last year my client a.k.a my boss texted me: “how on earth could you pass?! Tough luck??” Then he paid for my L2 this June and I didnt pass, and he told me to retake next year and paid it all again. Lol

My boss congrats me in email, no raise or promotion…then… I bought drinks for my team.

Public section, cfa isn’t exactly required but it is respected. I only told a handful of people. Couple of ‘congrats’ but other than that nothing. They’re more concerned about daily reports being sent on time :slight_smile:

imagine taking russ off that team, see how bad they were. Kd can’t win a championship with those cats

Lots of warm congratulations. Lots of handshakes. No raises or anything, maybe in the future. Directors buying lunch for the entire office this week to celebrate everyone writing, passing or not. May get a shout out then. Just knowing I don’t have to write it again is enough pleasure for me. I don’t really need anything, just want to move on tbh

Tech Consulting firm - Risk Management

Congratulatory messages, followed by asking what am I doing in AI/ML BOTs using my knowledge :smiley:

Will have a good ground in appraisal meeting however

Firm wide email - though we are a small shop (150 employees). A few hand shakes and several congrats emails.

I work in back office, largely the impetus behind me pushing myself to pass this thing and move on to bigger and better things, and so there were many “Congratulations!” offered, but also some salty, jealous types who said nary a word. Some talked about their own experience of passing the Bar exam or the CPA, and - as a lawyer myself - I thought to myself how much infinitely easier passing the Bar exam was compared to the triumvirate of L1/L2/L3.

We had cake and I think the bosses had an “oh shyt, he’s soon going to leave” moment.

Warm congrats and big smiles from my coworkers. I received some emails too. My manager sent me an email and called me too. No monetary gains or promises, but come review time I think this will be considered as long my performance stays strong. Overall feeling pretty good.