passing from schweser?

Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, have any of you passed Level 2 JUST from schweser materials? I know it all depends on your background, amount of study time etc, but I just want to know if people have relied solely on schweser. Thanks, Esco

There was a thread not too long ago in the L3 forum about people who used Schweser solely for all 3 levels and passed. This is what I did for L1, but I’m going to attempt to use Schweser and the official texts for L2.

esco, the consensus is that it is very important to use CFAI text and end-of-chapter questions. I’m not saying not to use a test prep company, but do not ignore CFA materials.

Thanks for your responses. Do you have time to go through all the CFAI texts? They are so verbose. I was planning on going through the schweser texts and doing all the end of chapter CFAI problems and reading the summaries.

It is very doable my friend in this country

I passed Lev2 using just schweser and only schweser. Its doable.

If you just read the schweser books but still do the end of chapter questions from the CFAI books you’d probably be golden. Might want to read both CFAI and Schweser Ethics sections though.

I did, piece of cake. No, actually it’s a pretty intense exam, much harder than level one. I think the notes+practice exams are all you need, you just have to literally know everything - there’s no way around it.

I think CFAI is getting wise to third party vendors and beginning to test more from their curriculum. I studied 90% Schweser and was surprised at a few questions that were tested that were NO WHERE in Schweser. For example, Schweser 2008 materials never discussed that one trading question where they placed the order for $70k. I got it right, but still. I was also surprised to run to my CFAI texts after sitting for the exam and see almost verbatim the same questions in the EOC areas. That being said, I will still stick to Schweez as my primary text but will spend much more time in CFAI on Equity, FSA, and Ethics.

Thanks guys, appreciate your kind input. I’m gonna read schweser and do the end of chapter CFAI questions, let’s see how that goes…