Passing Grade: Aggregate or Per Subject?

Hello everyone, Quick question. It might sound surprising that I ask this in Level II but I never asked myself that question in Level I and got above 70 on all subjects so it never became an issue but now that I realize that Level II is on a whole other level I was simply wondering: What happens if on aggregate you get >70% on all subjects but on a specific subject, let’s say quant methods, you bomb the vignette and end up with <50%. (Ex: 2/6 on that case study). Can you still fail level II in that scenario? Cheers

Way to praise yourself in the opening statement… WEAK

unfortunately only the people at CFAI that grade this stuff will know the answer to this.

lol I guess that was weak but I’ll blame it on the fact that I am French. Or trying to boost my confidence? In any case any ideas?

just use common sense…if you made it this far, I’m sure you can answer your own question here

Dear Concerned, Please FYI from the following taken exactly from the CFA site: Do I have to pass each of the individual topic areas in order to pass an exam level? No. As long as you achieve a total score above the minimum passing score (MPS) set by the CFA Institute Board of Governors, you would pass the exam regardless of your performance on any individual topic. However, we advise against any “test wise” strategy that recommends ignoring a topic in your study. Offsetting a zero score in a topic could be difficult. Also review the ethics adjustment FAQ for additional information.Most important, an objective of the CFA Program is to develop candidate knowledge and skills to a generalist level in all covered topics. Employers have found this is one of the competitive advantages of charterholders. Also be sure that you have clearly stated your intended answers. Candidates who change an answer or copy material from a template to lined pages (or vice versa) should cross out any material they do not intend as part of their answer. Graders must consider all material you submit, and if there is confusion or contradictory information, you will not receive credit.

Great thanks rubel4121. Good luck to all on Saturday.